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Hello lovely people!

And a special big rock n’ roll hello to all our new chums from the Wheatsheaf in Frome, who made us feel so welcome last Thursday, we hope we’ll back there again soon.

Nuty Biker Babe

Special mention also for the Old Fox last Saturday, where I was delighted to meet up with a couple of very dear friends who I haven’t seen for too many years. One of them was malicious enough to take the attached piccy (shamelessly stolen from his blog,, which I post here as a warning to all budding guitar players out there; sometimes the aphrodisiac powers of rock and roll can prove too much for an excitable young lady, as demonstrated here; and I advise all aspiring fret board heroes to practice playing your solos whilst entwined in the sinuous limbs of a lithe raven-haired nymphet. A skill well worth mastering – you never know when you may need it. READ MORE

Old News From Our Old Web Site

Friday 21 May 10
We’re gonna Twit
Yes, we have given in to twitter, we are now twats that twit. Not sure who’s gonna keep it going but hey, lets give it a go.
Angel Up Front Twitter

Tuesday 17 November 09
We have a new bass player
Ben has joined us on bass and backing vocals.

Monday 05 October 09
New bass player wanted
Martin is leaving so we need a new new bass player, preferably with backing vocals. If you think you might be the bass player for us then contact us!

Monday 30 March 09
New .tel thingy
Now don’t get too excited cuz really it’s not very exciting, maybe just useful, a bit, well it’s new anyway. Check it out at READ MORE