27-02-2014 – Late

Aye oop

Well, a jolly fine night for Lily up the Clothears Arms in Stroud; I was impressed to see Lil’ has learned something from her dear ol’ Dad; in this case how to pick on your band mates while they can’t retaliate. Thus it was that, just as I launch into a big emotional epic Gary Moore guitar solo, Lil deftly attaches a large comedy bow tie around my neck while my hands are full, and I’m unable to fend her off or remove it until the end of the song.

Dat’s my girl!

Of course, it will be a few days before she’ll be allowed to sleep in the house again.

So, a jolly night, followed by not enough sleep, followed by a busy day, followed by… Lou’s birthday bash down at Molloy’s in town!

And I have to say, the girl done good. Real good. The place was absolutely heaving and leaping around from the moment we started to the moment we finished; although by the end there was a definite “sea of beer and broken glass” vibe all over the floor. As a special treat, rather than plonk the usual comedy hat or similar humiliating device on Lou during the intro to What’s Up, this time we presented her with a large bunch of birthday flowers – this had the effect, for the first time ever, of putting her off, so we had to play round the intro another time or two before she could start singing.

I like to think we won that one.

Also in attendance (as well as our chums Muddy & Sarah) were a bunch of Lou’s musician chums, including the entirety of her new (and rapidly ascending) band Stripped, who are an absolutely lovely bunch, and, better still, as mad as a fish, as mad as seven badgers in a handbag, as mad as a very mad thing – ladies, it was a pleasure to meet you!

Afterwards, they all piled off into the club next door for some serious drinking; unfortunately us Old Bastards (Ben counting in this instance as an honorary Old Bastard) had to tootle off home, because (a) it’s not wise to leave vehicles packed full of expensive musical equipment in the middle of town all night, and, at least in my case, (b) because listening to dance music Makes Me Extremely Angry. I don’t really know why this is – I’m pretty sure it’s not because I can’t cope with loud; and, globally speaking it’s not really all that different from a lot of music that I do like. Maybe there’s some therapy I could get to help me get over this – except that I don’t want to.

There’s some music I absolutely love; and some I absolutely hate. And that’s how it is, because I’m an Old Bastard.

If you like, you can tick this box to show that you’re an Old Bastard too.

Right then, coming up…

Friday 28th – Swiss Chalet, Swindon
This is a birthday party bash for someone, I can’t remember who, but as long as she can, that’s the main thing. But it’s definitely not Lou, ‘cos hers was last week. And it’s not mine, either. Is it yours?

Saturday 1st March – Golden Fleece, Bath
It’s quite small, it’s actually a bit cramped, but somehow we really like this place, because the guys that run it are really nice, and there’s always a jolly crowd – usually of the bikery persuasion, which of course vastly reduces the chances of me encountering any nasty disco-y dance-y music which might make me cross.

Square on


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