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18-02-2014 – Merrily drunken noisy young ladies

Good morning,

Well, it seems the floods are slowly beginning to recede, and so in one way at least, things are beginning to get back to what passes for normal down here in the South West…

Friday night at the Royal Oak in Swindon Old Town, and Lil and I roll up promptly at 8:30 to find the place deserted apart from the manager and one barman. “It’s a bit quiet tonight”, the latter observes, “But there should be a few more in later”.

Sure enough, by 9:30…one bloke has rolled in. We decide to “give it a few minutes”, and suddenly in burst a posse of merrily drunken noisy young ladies, who make the place seem suddenly full up. As soon as we start playing, they are whooping and hollering, dancing away, and one lass is even keeping watch at the door and dragging in passers-by off the street, “Oi, you! Come in, you gotta hear this…” READ MORE