03-02-2014 – Spangley Guitar

Yo sushi!

Well, a weekend of no gigs, which meant that I got to relax, kick back, and indulge in some of my favourite weekend leisure pursuits… which now include, it would seem, mooching around B & Q for hours trying to understand exactly which sort of kitchen cupboard is Right For Me (apparently, the question is far too complex, on a deep and fundamentally existential level, to be resolved by simply pointing at the first one you see and saying “That one!”); and also spending nearly an entire day trying to get hold of an emergency dentist for a suddenly snaggle-toothed twelve year old (how exactly DO you smash your face on the bottom of a swimming pool, which you were already floating in, anyway?), only to find that NHS have now hidden all the contact numbers, and you have to phone a call centre to be given (having got through several well-meaning but ultimately useless staff) a new number to call that doesn’t work, followed by… Oh, never mind, he can just eat soup for now.

On the plus side, lovely white Stratocaster all newly restrung, fret board oiled, bridge adjusted, nut graphited… if only I could play the damned thing.

Well, I have a few days left to learn, I suppose. Maybe, after all these years, this will be the week that it all comes together.…

A rather Swindon-y weekend coming up, by the look of things…

Friday 7th – Lily B at the Patriot’s Arms, Chiseldon
This should be interesting… Lil is currently sporting a heavily bandaged left hand, having damaged herself at school in some drama / prancing mishap. Will this affect her guitar playing? Will she get better in time? Can we remember any of the songs? Will we find the pub at all anyway? I’ve found Chiseldon, so it can’t be that hard.

Saturday 8th – The Wheatsheaf, Stratton, Swindon
Ah, now I remember this place! It’s quite cosy inside, but – and this is absolutely true, I promise you – they have somebody’s eyebrows stuck up on the wall over the bar (presumably he’ll be back for them one day), and the punters are rather jolly and drink lots of Jager bombs – with the usual results.

So – we’ll leave you with the best-dressed man in the entire United States of America…

George Wulf

…the awesome George Wulf, playing here with the mighty Band Of The Lost, and probably the spangliest Telecaster in the world…

Square on


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