18-02-2014 – Merrily drunken noisy young ladies

Good morning,

Well, it seems the floods are slowly beginning to recede, and so in one way at least, things are beginning to get back to what passes for normal down here in the South West…

Friday night at the Royal Oak in Swindon Old Town, and Lil and I roll up promptly at 8:30 to find the place deserted apart from the manager and one barman. “It’s a bit quiet tonight”, the latter observes, “But there should be a few more in later”.

Sure enough, by 9:30…one bloke has rolled in. We decide to “give it a few minutes”, and suddenly in burst a posse of merrily drunken noisy young ladies, who make the place seem suddenly full up. As soon as we start playing, they are whooping and hollering, dancing away, and one lass is even keeping watch at the door and dragging in passers-by off the street, “Oi, you! Come in, you gotta hear this…”

Aww, bless ‘em. We ended up having a jolly night, and finally finished some time way after twelve, after a number of impromptu encores, and manage to essay an escape before they start fighting.

Saturday, and AUF at the Anchor was just as much fun, and with rather more people in attendance, including some old chums we haven’t seen for a while; young Sarah was particularly impressed with Ben and Lou’s “swapping jobs” trick for the Sabbath number, and Lou, it would seem, likes nothing more than running round a venue with an enormous bass strapped around her – huge cheesy grin time.

Coming up soon a night off for the band, it’s Lou’s birthday, and apparently she has some “real friends” she’d prefer to be out drinking with… So, some of us are just going to have to make our own entertainment…

Friday 21st – Lily B at the Clothier’s Arms, Stroud
They’re a lovely bunch at the dear ol’ ClothEars, and they do seem to rather like Lil. Maybe as a special treat I’ll try and learn the whole set, this time…

Saturday 22nd – Molloy’s, Bristol
Well, if Lou has survived the previous night’s extravagances, this should be a corker. She’s claiming this as her “special birthday gig”, meaning that she’ll probably be rather the worse for wear by the end of the evening. And will be off out until the wee hours to get properly demolished afterwards. Don’t be fooled by the sweet innocent exterior, folks, that girl is a Grade 1 party beast…

That’ll do for now, I reckon. Now, where’s me pipe and slippers…?

Square on


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