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10-02-2014 – Gay evil edition

Aye oop

Well, a strange week in the World of Rawk…

With no band appointments, I went out on Friday with diva daughter for a duo gig in wet, windy, rainy Chiseldon – to the rather fine Patriots arms, where they have lots of space for musos to set up in, a handy door you can back the van right up to, plenty of power sockets in just the right places, and a very lovely crowd, who joined in, sang along, applauded nicely, and altogether enjoyed themselves so much they even bought CDs. Result!

But, by the time Saturday night came around, and the band’s gig at the Wheatsheaf in Stratton, I was completely knackered as a result of spending the entire day running around moving furniture and stripping wallpaper and the like, ready for next week’s New Kitchen Excitement. Well, Dem’s quite excited. I contented myself with scrawling in red ink on the bare wall, for the benefit of future occupants of the house, “BEWARE THE EVIL! LEAVE THIS PLACE NOW”. READ MORE

03-02-2014 – Spangley Guitar

Yo sushi!

Well, a weekend of no gigs, which meant that I got to relax, kick back, and indulge in some of my favourite weekend leisure pursuits… which now include, it would seem, mooching around B & Q for hours trying to understand exactly which sort of kitchen cupboard is Right For Me (apparently, the question is far too complex, on a deep and fundamentally existential level, to be resolved by simply pointing at the first one you see and saying “That one!”); and also spending nearly an entire day trying to get hold of an emergency dentist for a suddenly snaggle-toothed twelve year old (how exactly DO you smash your face on the bottom of a swimming pool, which you were already floating in, anyway?), only to find that NHS have now hidden all the contact numbers, and you have to phone a call centre to be given (having got through several well-meaning but ultimately useless staff) a new number to call that doesn’t work, followed by… Oh, never mind, he can just eat soup for now. READ MORE