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30-09-2014 – Soldering Iron Blues


Another busy weekend bites the dust… Lou’s been on a week’s holiday in sunny Italy – so much so, that she was still there on Friday night, when we were booked to play the Langley Arms.

Luckily, I always carry a spare singer, and so Lily and I trundled over there to provide the evening’s entertainment for the music-starved masses of Emersons Green.

I say “masses”… well, there were five or six of our pals there, and a few more folks to boot, but I have to say they weren’t having to squeeze to get in the door… Not to worry, we all had a pleasant enough time; Lil was quite impressed by my chum the delightful Vague Anthony, who wanders through life in an enviable state of affable bemusement, and who showed her how to find the rabbits inside peanuts. READ MORE

24-09-2014 – Snot

Top o’the morning to ye!

For once, a relatively quiet weekend; no banding, as young Louisa is in sunny Italy gorging herself on pizza and pasta; so just the one outing with young Lily, up at the Clothiers Arms on Friday. Now, poor little Lil has been suffering from nasty coldy fluness this week, and by Friday was absolutely hanging before we even started. But there’s no sick days in rock’n’roll, you get beaten for saying you’re ill, and you have to be on a stretcher before you’re allowed to miss a gig (we learned that approach from Jackson senior, and it didn’t do his kids any harm, did it…?). READ MORE

15-09-2014 – Pirates Ahoy

The blog version:

Ahoy there shipmates!

Well, we certainly had a suitably silly weekend; kicking off at the dear ol’ Railway in Fishponds for an evening with young Lily; we’d thoughtfully brought along a few new backing tracks to try out; the final verdict was that some are okay, some will be okay once the idiot guitar player has remembered the format (ahem) and some, to be honest, didn’t sound too great, and probably won’t see the light of day again. And it wasn’t even my fault. But, since there was at least one Slade song in the former category, that’s all right then! READ MORE

08-09-2014 – City Dolls & Slackers

Evenin’ all!

Hope you all had a spanktastic weekend; we certainly had fun a-plenty on Saturday at the ‘Cullis in Fishponds. We managed to catch up with several old pals, recruited the loveliest roadie in Bristol, and we managed to play a Blondie number all at the same time, and even all in the same key for a change.

We even got free half-time entertainment, with Lou and her City Dolls singer Kirsty providing half-time entertainment, while the rest of us slackers got on with some serious lounging about. So nice to let somebody else do all the hard work for a bit; even nicer to actually be able to listen to Lou’s singing without having to concentrate on where to put my fingers. READ MORE