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08-09-2014 – City Dolls & Slackers

Evenin’ all!

Hope you all had a spanktastic weekend; we certainly had fun a-plenty on Saturday at the ‘Cullis in Fishponds. We managed to catch up with several old pals, recruited the loveliest roadie in Bristol, and we managed to play a Blondie number all at the same time, and even all in the same key for a change.

We even got free half-time entertainment, with Lou and her City Dolls singer Kirsty providing half-time entertainment, while the rest of us slackers got on with some serious lounging about. So nice to let somebody else do all the hard work for a bit; even nicer to actually be able to listen to Lou’s singing without having to concentrate on where to put my fingers.

Actually, that sounds a bit wronger than I meant it to. Should I rewrite it?


Of course, there were a few flying drumsticks, a few “jazz-influenced” notes here and there, and we had a hugely entertaining romp through the Led Zep classic Rock & Roll, which we somehow managed to accidentally morph into Whole Lotta Rosie before it was over. I think for next week’s challenge, we’ll see if we can get Paradise City to turn into Bohemian Rhapsody. Or maybe Ace Of Spades into the Birdy Song. We likes a challenge…

Coming up this week; a Bristol double-header, sort of…

Fri 12th – Lily B at the Railway Tavern, Fishponds
Yes, it’s the loud talented youngster back in the court of Queen Amy; a handful of acoustic classics and a selection of Her Ladyship’s originals, followed by some new louder rawk stuff. Should be a blast.

Sat 13th – Molloy’s
It’s busy, it’s loud, and even if you’re not into the music, the human menagerie provides ample entertainment. Sometimes they provide so much, they have to be carted off in an ambulance.

So, that’s about it for this week; be careful where you put your fingers

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