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31-03-2020 – A New World In The Morning

Aye up

Well, here’s a fine to-do, and no mistake! 

As you will all no doubt have surmised, along with pretty much every other thing that involves leaving the comfort of your own squalid little home, Angel Up Front rawk’n’roll escapades have been cancelled for the foreseeable, until such time as everybody has finished being poorly.

It really pains me to say this, but I actually find myself in agreement with the government on this one; we’re all doing our best to stay home – as I’m sure you all are – not so much in our own interests, as for the benefit of the more vulnerable folks in society, and to minimise the strain on those poor heroic buggers working in health care and supply chains to keep as many people as possible safe. READ MORE

09-03-2020 – After Moving

My, that was a busy weekend.

There was a slightly inauspicious start on Friday, whereby Stuart arrived outside the gig, and promptly reversed into a parked car – a nice shiny Audi, as it happened. This brought the owner bursting out of his kebab shop, to inspect the “damage”, and insist that, even though none was visible, it was “quite common to have serious internal damage that doesn’t show on the outside”, so he “had no choice” but to take down Stuart’s details etc. Well, whatever. Thus mollified, he went back inside, and presumably, that will be the last we’ll hear of him. READ MORE

03-03-2020 – Guitar Rock Pig

Well, good morning to you, one and all.

We trust you spent a relaxing and pleasurable weekend – we certainly did!

Friday at the Trout in dear old Keynsham was mighty good fun for me, I got a chance to wheel out my shiny new guitar – yes folks, he’s got another one.

This one, though, if I say so myself, is – just like me – a little bit special.

In conjunction with that fine organisation Polar Bear Custom Guitars (which is essentially myself, my eldest son and a bandsaw that was kindly donated to us), we actually tried to build one. READ MORE