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24-06-2020 – Lockdown Special

Hey gang!

We thought we’d pop a little missive out just to check on how you’re all doing.

We hope everyone is coping well with the prevailing lockdown conditions, and trust you are all maintaining an adequate state of alertness, which I have informed by a duplicitous buffoon should suffice to prevent infection. (Just in case anybody takes offence at the phrase “duplicitous buffoon”, please note that it was very far from my first choice of words, but that I am aware there may be pre-school toys present). READ MORE

31-03-2020 – A New World In The Morning

Aye up

Well, here’s a fine to-do, and no mistake! 

As you will all no doubt have surmised, along with pretty much every other thing that involves leaving the comfort of your own squalid little home, Angel Up Front rawk’n’roll escapades have been cancelled for the foreseeable, until such time as everybody has finished being poorly.

It really pains me to say this, but I actually find myself in agreement with the government on this one; we’re all doing our best to stay home – as I’m sure you all are – not so much in our own interests, as for the benefit of the more vulnerable folks in society, and to minimise the strain on those poor heroic buggers working in health care and supply chains to keep as many people as possible safe. READ MORE