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03-03-2020 – Guitar Rock Pig

Well, good morning to you, one and all.

We trust you spent a relaxing and pleasurable weekend – we certainly did!

Friday at the Trout in dear old Keynsham was mighty good fun for me, I got a chance to wheel out my shiny new guitar – yes folks, he’s got another one.

This one, though, if I say so myself, is – just like me – a little bit special.

In conjunction with that fine organisation Polar Bear Custom Guitars (which is essentially myself, my eldest son and a bandsaw that was kindly donated to us), we actually tried to build one.

Not only did it come out looking rather pretty, but rather to my surprise, plays a treat, and mighty fine it sounds, too…

<<engage smug mode>>

Now, I do realise that nobody cares whether I’ve got a new axe – but I’m so pleased with it that, to quote Billie Joe Armstrong, I don’t care that you don’t care! πŸ™‚

At the very least, I have something to show for the past six months of farting about in the garage.

If it makes you feel better, I’d failed to tighten one of the string clamps up properly, so that near the end of the second set on Friday, it let go of a string, pulling the bridge horribly out of tune, and I had to switch to a spare guitar for the last few numbers.

So, technically, it didn’t even last one gig.

Feel better now?

Saturday’s jaunt to the Cider Press went off without any technical hitches, although we did sorely miss the lovely lady who is normally on security there – she’s definitely of pensionable age, and while we can attest she’s absolutely delightful to bands, she strikes terror into the heart of her fellow door staff and wayward punters alike. Normally (after coercing anybody within range to help us carry our kit in) she relentlessly patrols the β€œband corner” and removes anybody from the area who looks like they may be about to get too close, or are considering spilling anything.

Without her – well, I stopped counting after the first five or six, but there was an awful lot of falling over monitors going on. Although possibly – I am not, to be honest, that closely in touch with youth culture – this may simply be a new dance craze that to date has escaped my attention.

Coming up this week:

Friday 6th March – Packhorse, Stapleton Road
Ah, a proper bikers’ pub! Marvellous. Can’t wait.

Saturday 7th – Golden Fleece, Bath
What’s this?? ANOTHER proper bikers’ pub!! Oh, the Gods of Rock are smiling on us this weekend, and no mistake.

Finally – another small joy this weekend was a present that Emma gave me, found whilst having a clear out.

β€œI found this, and it immediately made me think of you…” she said.

It made me think of me, as well…

Ladies and gentlemen, for your information, Rock Pig will be spending most of this week prancing around in front of a mirror admiring his shiny new guitar….

Square on

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