30-09-2020 – Getting bored now

Hey gang!

We thought we’d pop a little missive out just to check on how you’re all doing.

We hope everyone is coping well with the prevailing lockdown conditions, and trust you are all maintaining an adequate state of alertness, which I have informed by a duplicitous buffoon should suffice to prevent infection. (Just in case anybody takes offence at the phrase “duplicitous buffoon”, please note that it was very far from my first choice of words, but that I am aware there may be pre-school toys present).

I personally find myself in the enviable position of having some spare time at the moment – so I have of course been desperately trying to come up with things to do to avoid having to actually try to learn to play guitar. (A strategy that seems to have served me well over the past few decades).

I did actually set up all my kit in the garage the other day, just to see if I could remember how to. (It took a few attempts, but I nailed it in the end). Still can’t play, though.

I did, however, find a very cunning dodge around my beloved Dem’s pronouncement that I’m “not allowed to buy any more guitars”.

She never said I couldn’t buy some wood and make one…

So, having located 3 rather nice blocks of cherry wood, I am turning them into a huge pile of sawdust and a rather pretty thing. Arguably, of course, it’s a total waste of time, but it keeps me occupied. If turns out to be playable, you may even get to see it one day.

I have to say, currently of course we have no idea when that may be. Even when the pubs are allowed to open up again, we don’t know how many will have survived, or how many of the survivors will be in a position to start putting live music on again.

It’s fingers crossed for a relatively quick return to what passes for normality, if only because with every passing day I am getting increasingly unfit and decrepit. It seems that loading all the kit in and out of the van several times a week, with the associated jumping around like a twat during sets is all that was preserving my elfin figure and slender good looks. When we do get gigging again, there is a fair chance I will have to be wheeled in, like some Jabba the Hut-type monstrosity….

Anyroadup, we sincerely hope everyone is coping well with current circumstances, and to be able to catch up with you all again as soon as we can manage.

In the meantime, do take care of yourselves, and each other

Peace out

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