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09-05-2019 – Jumping Around And Pulling Faces

Yo homeys

Well, that was an odd one. We fetched up at the Anchor in Bishopston on Saturday, to find the the nice little stage area they used to have has been taken down and covered with tables and chairs and punters, and we instead were presented with an “intimate” space to set up in. After a little head-scratching and moving a few affable customers over, we managed to shoehorn ourselves in.

The pub itself was rammed full of footy fans – the match just up the road had just finished, plus there was another game on telly – so much so that the door staff were operating a “one in, one out” policy – meaning that several folks who’d come to see us actually couldn’t get in until the second set, when most of the soccer fans had had their fill of lager and were feeling quite tired and ready for bed. READ MORE

07-04-2015 – Easter Special

Yo homeys!

Well, we hope the Easter Bunny brought you everything your little tummy desires – and if not – well, it’s your own fault, you obviously don’t Truly Believe, and that’s why you didn’t get anything.

Mind you, there’s any number of silly rumours going around that if you Truly Believe then – get this – after you’re dead, you actually get to live forever in a wonderful place where everybody is happy and nice. And it must be true, because nobody has ever come back to complain. On balance, a giant rabbit with a basket of chocolate sounds pretty credible, dontcha think?

Anyways – on to the serious business of rawk’n’roll: – and although we had a lovely time on Friday at Queen Amy’s Railway Tavern in Fishponds, I think the kindest thing I can say about our performance was that it was frickin’ shambolic. Amongst other mishaps, Lou managed to forget an entire song’s worth of lyrics (we’ve only played it every gig for the last two years), so we abandoned that one; then, during the next one, when it was guitar solo time, I airheadedly played the solo from the song we’d missed out. This would have been okay had they been in the same key….

Still, I think we still provided an evening of entertainment, even if not quite the kind we’d intended. In fact, we were kinda shown up by my offspring, who came up and played in between sets, and, apart from their guitar player throwing his pick away mid-solo (me again!), did a slap-up job. In fact, I was so ashamed of my performance during the night that after getting paid for the gig, I took out enough for a round of beers and then gave the rest of the cash to the kids…

Still, we all came good on Saturday at the Anchor in Bishopston – with my trusty Pandora all nice and mended and strapped back on around my knees, and the gain on the amps just that perfect little bit too high, we remembered how to play like a band again, and had a very happy night of it. Was nice to see some old chums again, including our lovely drummer pal Sarina, who came up and played a couple of numbers with us.

Shame really, that just as we get back into gear, we have another weekend off… but things are about to get busy again, so we’ll keep y’all posted. In the meantime, here is my favourite contribution so far to our “musos with hangovers” photo gallery – this is my good buddy Little Ian, from folky rockers Billy In The Lowground, photographed at Glastonbury a few years ago

Little Ian

Apparently, this photo was taken as they played an early afternoon set, in Ian’s case after having woken up a short while before “feeling like death, soaked in cold sweat, although I wasn’t entirely sure whose it was…”


Square on


03-03-2015 – Bucket and Spade

Yo homeys

Well, I’m off on hols now for a week – so if anybody wants to go round to my house, break in, and tidy up a bit – maybe even redecorate the bathroom – now would be a good time.

Well, had a rip-roaring time this weekend, from a trying-to-remember-how-the songs-go evening up in Stroud, to a full-on silly jumping around dafty session down at Molloy’s in Bristol. Huge thanks and kudos to Massimo for coming along to film the gig, braving the inebriated with considerable aplomb.

I’m off to pack my bucket and spade now, so I’ll leave with our gig selection for next weekend: –

Fri 3rd April – Railway Tavern, Fishponds
We love it here, at Queen Amy’s friendly little local.  It’s not confirmed yet, but there are plans afoot for a Polar Bear Cheese Pirate-y Special Guest Appearance half way through the evening…in fact, I’m working on arranging that Special Guest Appearance to feature an additional Very Specially Special Guest! I have a little persuading still to do, but I’m hoping I can pull it off….

Saturday 4th April – The Anchor, Gloucester Road
It’s a nice big pub up in Horfield, and – er – they sell beer. Nuff said.

Gotta go, it will take several days to try and squeeze Lily’s luggage into the back of the car…

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