Ugly Harley Davidson

20-08-2019 – Bikers nest

Yo homeys!

Right, another brief one I’m afraid – largely because there’s not too much to tell this week. And partly because I have way too much other stuff that I ought to be getting on with…

Friday’s jaunt to the Packhorse on Stapleton Road went rather well – I was particularly delighted to be able to catch up with my brother, who made an unexpected appearance; and also we got to enjoy the pub’s new beer terrace – which, in the dark, looked for all the world like the deck of the Titanic – except that when you walked to the rail at the edge, and looked down, instead of a view of a nasty icy cold wet ocean, you got the much more pleasing vista of a vast sea of shiny chromed Harley Davidsons – we have discovered a biker’s nest!

I begin to wonder whether somewhere down there might be a Queen Harley, lying in state and giving birth to an endless stream of little mopeds, which one day will grow up into full sized machines. Alas, I don’t get to find out, as apparently it’s time to play the second set.

There’s only just time to point down and show Emma, and tell her “I wanna…”

“I know”, she says ruefully. “Me too…”

Anyways – we now have a couple of weeks off, due to various holidays and suchlike, so it may well be September before you hear from us next.

But rest assured, we will be back; oh yes we will…

Square on

In the meantime;

Why did the medium cross the road…?

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