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01-07-2019 – The Tall And Short Of It


And, after a very busy Friday, we dragged ourselves over to Hanham to find the Cross Keys, which turned out to be a jovial little pub with such a low ceiling that even Emma had to forgo her usual bouncing around – although to be fair, it was so hot that there was little enough appetite for that – although the punters they did manage a spirited attempt at jigging about, bless ’em.

We even made one chap very happy by being the only band who’d ever been able respond to his “D’you lot know any Queens Of The Stone Age?” demand with a “Er.. mutter, mutter, mumble, mumble… Yes, we think we can still remember one…” and actually – rather to our surprise – we could. So that was one very happy camper.

All the plans I had for Saturday daytime simply melted under the blowtorch intensity of the summer heat, but mercifully, just as it was about time to head off to play the Blackhawks MC bike bash, it had begun to cool down just enough that we might be able to survive the night.

Emma and I found our way there, and were met with a large social club building with a high stage, involving a small amount of daring and equipment-throwing to get all the kit set up on a somewhat precipitous plateau… Once there, though, we had a fine view and Emma was able to actually look down on people for a change. Possibly this was why she made a point of sallying forth down the escarpment to intimidate the punters at closer quarters – she likes to see the whites of their eyes, you know.

At any rate, by the end of the night the fine ladies and gentlemen of the Blackhawks we pleased enough with us to invite us back for some post gig drinkies, which was very kind of them, and much appreciated. As was our discovery of a chip van on site. Beer and food, these are a few of my favourite things…

Actually I suspect it may be all of them.

Oh, and rawk’n’roll, of course.

But mainly beer and food.

Anyway – just the one gig this weekend, but we are rather looking forward to it: –

Saturday 6th July – Golden Fleece, Bath
It’s not been that long since we were here last. I’ll have to check back and see what was on the set list last time, so we can sling some different numbers in. Emma and I have privately agreed we need to start edging back towards the noisier side of things again (no, really), seeing as we had such good fun with it on Saturday.

Because, as everybody knows, the louder noisier rockier stuff tends to have more guitar solos in it.

At least, it does if I have anything to do with it…

Square on

PS Worst job I ever had – working in a footwear recycling plant.

It was sole-destroying…

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