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28-03-2019 – Late Door Slap

Blessings be upon you, my children…

Well, the sun has come out, spring is beginning to do springy things with an admirable degree of enthusiasm, and there appears to be a glimmer of hope on the horizon that a significant proportion of the country would perhaps, on sober consideration, prefer to not shoot themselves in the bollocks after all – so what could improve things more than a nice lively Angel Up Front gig on a Saturday night?

Well, for a start, a nice lively Angel Up Front gig on a Saturday night which doesn’t involve Alan marching at full tilt face-first into a closed door whilst loading the kit in, that would have been an improvement…

I am concerned momentarily that perhaps I have done some lasting damage to my youthful good looks, but am immediately reassured that I have absolutely no cause for concern in that regard – which was good to know.

By the time we start playing, the face pain is beginning to subside, until a carefree leap in the forwards direction coincides with an unexpected step backwards from Emma, resulting in my chops colliding substantially with the back of her head. Oh, how we laughed. Eventually, in my case.

But I did manage a tactical victory on the beer front; somebody else got a round in while we are setting up, so I volunteered to cover a second, rather larger round – just as I was unscrewing my wallet, Stuart remembers that in here the bar covers it for us, which pleased me rather more than I think it should have done.

The rest of the evening was rather good fun though, with much dancing and sillying around – the audience joining in in spirited fashion – and quite a few friends from various places turning up, including a very brief appearance from one of my favourite nieces, who suddenly appeared in front of me mid-song, gave me huge enthusiastic drunken hug, and then disappeared into the night again.

Ben’s curiosity is aroused. “So … who was that young blonde girl, then..?” he asks before the next song starts.

“Oh, well, you know how it is, there are so many, I tend to lose track, I’m not sure I remember which one that was….

….Oh, all right. Niece.”

He seems well pleased with this answer; the universe is still functioning normally.

Whether the universe continues to function normally next week, we shall have to wait and see: –

Friday 29th – The Packhorse, Lawrence Hill
Lovely friendly little bikers pub, great fun in here, and they are rather big fans of the rubber chicken.

Saturday 30th – Fire Engine, St George
Not played this one for a lo-o-o-ong time, I wonder if they remember* us?

*Presumably not, since they’ve asked us back….

Right, that’s it for this week – hopefully we’ll see you out and about in the wonderful world of rawk’n’roll.

In the meantime, our advice is not to walk into any closed doors, and please do try not to shoot yourself in the bollocks, okay?

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