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18-01-2016 – Birthday’s, Beards and Bassists

Hey gang!

Now, THAT was a fantastic weekend. After a nice warm-up gig on Friday (well, we had to do something to warm up, it was freezing!), Saturday dawned fair and bright, and I was pleasantly surprised to find myself another year older, and still not dead.

After a day mostly consisting of lounging around and eating pie, it was off down to the Anchor in Bishopston, where there was a fine turnout of old chums, and everybody had an absolutely marvellous time; there was much singing and dancing along and some very impressive head-banging. READ MORE

11-01-2016 – Oh The Sprain


Another cold, wet weekend, another gig…. This time we were at the lovely Railway Tavern, the fabled court of Queen Amy of Fishponds, for a rather busy night, as it turned out.

Being a pillock, I’d managed somehow during the week to sprain my left wrist, and also tear off half a fingernail on my right hand; this basically rendered playing the guitar somewhat painful, and so I found myself trying to coax sounds out of it without actually touching it. I guess, thinking about it, that I could have tried using my teeth instead, but I’d only get accused of Hendrix plagiarism, and besides, I have to go to the dentists on Wednesday. READ MORE

07-09-2015 – Rosa

Ahoy there, shipmates!

Well, it’s been a couple of weeks since we had anything to report from the technicolour world of rawk’n’roll, but actually now we have some rather exciting news…

Over the last few months, it’s become increasing apparent that our Lou has been struggling to keep up with all her many and varied musical commitments – as well as us, she’s also running an originals grunge band, and a covers duo, plus various other depping and teaching arrangements… and basically, a little while ago, she announced that she’d come to the conclusion that it was time to dump us troglodyte loonies so she could concentrate on her other projects. READ MORE