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07-09-2015 – Rosa

Ahoy there, shipmates!

Well, it’s been a couple of weeks since we had anything to report from the technicolour world of rawk’n’roll, but actually now we have some rather exciting news…

Over the last few months, it’s become increasing apparent that our Lou has been struggling to keep up with all her many and varied musical commitments – as well as us, she’s also running an originals grunge band, and a covers duo, plus various other depping and teaching arrangements… and basically, a little while ago, she announced that she’d come to the conclusion that it was time to dump us troglodyte loonies so she could concentrate on her other projects. READ MORE

18-08-2015 – Biscuit

Good morning campers!

A relatively uneventful weekend, only one gig, and that was half acoustic, so it doesn’t completely count, to my mind – even though (as usual) I managed to win the regular “Who’s going to make the most cock-ups” contest that Lily and I regularly have; I spent most of the rest of the weekend up Londonwards, making a rare trip to see me dear old mum, and continue the sequential process of moving the contents of the local B & Q into her house…

The rest of the time was spent groaning at the entries you lot sent in for last week’s “bakery-themed rock song” contest. READ MORE

11-08-2015 – Mr Clumsy

Top o’ the mornin’ to ye!

Okay, I’m bored with that game already…

Right then, this week we had what should have been a straightforward gig at the Jolly Cobbler in Kingswood; after a lovely sunny day relaxing, I was gently driving my way gigwards around ten past eight, when my phone rings. It’s Stuart.

“You do know we’re supposed to start playing at 8:30, don’t you?” he asks in slightly stern fashion.

“Ah… no.” I admit.

“Well, you do now”, he tells me, “how far away are you?” READ MORE