Viking re-enactment

20-04-2024 – Ooh Look, Vikings

Greetings earthlets!

My, that was a busy and fun-packed weekend!

Friday night saw us down at the Blue Lagoon for a riotously fun-packed evening; I was bowled over to see some much-missed old pals, and the place filled up rapidly as we were about to start.

Cunning Abby had requested kind-hearted Stuart to pick her up for the gig.

“Car trouble?”

“No, I just fancied a drink…”

It seemed to do her the world of good, she was out and about merrily moshing with the crowd from the off, and by half time, during what I felt was a particularly artful guitar solo, she’d somehow instigated a chant of “Go, Alan, go!” from the assembled reprobates.

Although now I come to think of it – maybe they did just want me to go….

Anyway – we played our little hearts out to rapturous applause, and after a couple of sweaty encores, called a halt to proceedings.

And so, to Saturday morning, and our appointment in a cold windy field with the lovely ladies of the Bristol Banshees Motorcycle Club. I was pleased to see the rain held off, and even more pleased to see they had a Viking battle re-enactment in progress. We hoiked our kit up onto the outdoor back-of-a-trailer stage, aided by the cheerily helpful PA crew, and, shortly before start time, our lovely Abby arrived.

“Oh God”, she announces, “I’m so hungover…”

A quick soundcheck, and there’s just time to watch one of the Banshees being dunked into a tank of freezing cold water before it’s time to start.

We play a merry set to the punters braving the cold – and, of course, the Vikings, who we can see singing along with us as they line up for battle, which is rather nice – and then we’re finished, and can go hide somewhere warmer, with beer.

It’s time to pack up – but not for me, I can leave my rig set up, as I’m in the next band as well! We also leave Stuart’s kit up, as he has kindly agreed to lend it to Rob, my “other drummer”. And, after a spot of lifting leviathan bass cabinets up onto the stage, we’re ready to go again.

For a debut gig, playing an hour or so of tunes written by yours truly – and therefore which nobody knows* it seems to go down remarkably well.

Well pleased with our efforts, we pack down, say our goodbyes, and head off in search of a nice warm pub. I am fortunate in being able to secure a lift to and from said cosy hostelry thanks to kindly people, so just for once I can have more than just one or two pints…

Although I was not best pleased the next morning when I was rudely awoken at 9am by my neighbour cutting his grass.

“Bugger him” I thought, “He can mow around me”.

Anyways – as our Abby is away, there’ll be no more AUF giggery for a couple of weeks – but fear not, we will give due warning when the time comes. Just like the injunction says we have to.

Square on

*This does include, in some cases, members of the band**

**and on at least one occasion, me…

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