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29-05-2024 – Grumpy Monkeys Two For The Price Of One

Morning all!

Well, we’re back! And, if our jaunt to the King Billy in Staple Hill on Saturday was anything to go by, we’re actually rather less rusty than expected.

This is not to say that there wasn’t the occasional mishap – for example – one of our number (who shall remain nameless, because it was me) during the intro to a song which features a mere three chords, required three attempts to find the right one… I mean, you’d have thought statistically I’d have done better than that.

It’s kinda like the thing where an infinite number of monkeys playing an infinite number of Fender Stratocasters will eventually play the complete “Are You Experienced” Jimi Hendrix album. But if my little foray into incompetence is anything to go by, it’s gonna be a lo-o-o-o-ng wait*.

In the meantime, the nice lady who does “media marketing” for the Blue Lagoon sent us some photos from our stint there the other week.

So, here is that rarest of things, a photo actually showing all 4 band members at the same time.

At the Blue Lagoon

It’s unfortunate that Abby at that moment decided to sing at the wall, rather than the audience. So here’s a picture of her being more sociable…

At the Blue Lagoon

Just gone – a couple of new ones for us

Friday 24th – The Hollow Tree, Bradley Stoke
I’d not been here before, but considering where it’s located, we’re not exactly expecting the Fillmore West. Then again, it’s dead handy for Aldi if you want to top up your shopping at the same time.

Saturday 25th – Lord Raglan, Nags Head Hill
Not a clue about this one. My friend Google says it’s a “popular one-bar resident’s pub with live music”. We can already vouch for the last part, at least.

Right – that’s it for now, maybe see you at the weekend! I’m off to hunt for that mysterious third chord…

Square on

*On the other hand, I suspect that any random five monkeys could knock out an indie album** in an afternoon.

** I was originally here going to write “an Oasis album”, but then I wondered if it might upset any Oasis fans***.

***On reflection, I don’t care. Oasis it is.

Aye up!

Just a brief missive this week, as I spent way too much time this weekend merrily delving around the insides of an old bass I’m fixing up, making room to install some huge earth-shaking pickups. It occurs to me that when it’s done, I should be able to hire it out to evil corporations for fracking purposes*.

But in between making clouds of sawdust, we had a very pleasant couple of gigs; Friday saw us at the Hollow Tree in Bradley Stoke, where there were lovely staff, a nice easy load-in, and we met the “Bradley Stoke Rock Appreciation Society” – or, as described by one of their numbers, “Actually, we’re just five grumpy old bastards”. Still, everybody there seemed to have a nice time, special kudos to the guy who was getting married in the morning, and was under strict orders to be home by 10:00; but stayed on to catch the full set. Afterwards, we were told by the bar manager that we were the “first time in ages we’ve had a band in here and people actually applauded…”

Saturday, and another new venue for us – the Lord Raglan, which turned out to be a cosy little place, nice and lively. We’ll be back!

Coming up this weekend, we have a “private function” gig on Saturday, in the gardens of a big posh house. I must try to resist the temptation to leave with pockets full of silver cutlery.

And, by way of a warm-up;

Friday 31st – Farmhouse, Yate
It’s been years since we played here – so long, in fact, that I can’t remember much about it (to be fair, though, that also applies to most things these days). Anyhoo – I assume at least it is a pub called the Farmhouse, rather than being an actual farmhouse – wouldn’t want to startle the goats….

Square on

*I won’t, though. I try and avoid supporting evil** causes wherever possible.

** Including (in fact, mainly) anything that involves musical theatre

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