20-04-2024 – Did someone mention Vikings?

Hello funsters!

What’s that coming over the hill?

Is it a monster?

No, it’s a gig!

Friday 26th – Blue Lagoon, Bishopston
Down on the exotic and glamorous Gloucester Road Strip, the hugely riotous mob at the Glue Baboon never fails to disappoint. They leave that to us…

Looking forward to catching up with some old chums at this one, it’s going to be a big night!

And, the following day, we have a glorious afternoon appointment, courtesy of our favourite all-girl motorcycle club….

Saturday 27th, 2 pm – Banshees Bash, Barton Hill RFC
The annual charity fundraiser run by the ever-lovely Bristol Banshees; last time we played for them, in addition to the expected bar, food and trade stalls, they had Viking battle re-enactments. I can tell you, that standing on a stage playing AC/DC at an unhealthy volume as the soundtrack to the clash of swords is a truly invigorating experience, and I wholeheartedly commend it to you.

I’d also recommend sticking around to watch the band that’s on after us, at 4:00. Because I’m in that one as well…

…I’ll explain.

For those of you not familiar with my musical history, many years ago I played in a shamelessly Spinal Tap-esque Bristol heavy rock outfit, fueled by inadvisable quantities of alcohol, and boasting the most unnecessarily large PA and backline in the history of – well, history.

Last year I was re-contacted by the bassist, who was putting a new originals band together, and asked if I would stand in for a few rehearsals to keep them going until they found a guitarist. I turn up for the first session.

“So, what kind of songs have you got?” I ask.

“Well”, he says, “I was hoping you might have written some….”

As it happens, I did; and now, some months later, we have accidentally acquired our debut (and, who knows, possibly final) gig – because, when the Banshees contacted me to book up AUF, they said they were short of a band and asked if I knew of any that might be available. I figured that since I was going to be there anyway….

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