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11-12-2023 – The Late Blog

Ahoy there shipmates!

Here’s a quick (and hopefully relatively painless) recap of our latest adventures, and a heads-up for our next outing…

Despite the ‘orrible cold weather (well, ‘orrible by our standards, I assume our chums Oop North were strolling about in vest tops and short skirts complaining of heatstroke – but then again, can you really trust a chap wearing a vest top and short skirt?) Last Saturday saw us venture forth to the lovely Old Mill in Clevedon. And, despite a few technical hitches with broken mic leads and naughty effects pedals, we had a very jolly evening. We were absolutely delighted to see some old chums in there, including our favourite guest vocalist, the young, talented and lovely Paige, who was happy to join us and sing a couple of numbers*, giving Abby a chance to sit down and inhale some cider.

As usual, the performance was followed by a standing ovation (which I assume was for Paige singing, rather than Abby quaffing, but you never know).

We rounded off the night with an encore – instead of the usual Ramones cover, Abby took us by surprise by announcing we were going to play disco cheese-monster hit I Will Survive. Remarkably, we all managed to remember pretty much how it went, and the punters seemed well pleased with the result. Strange, but there’s no accounting for taste.

Anyhoo – also last week, another local “home from home” gig…

Thursday 7th – The Royal Oak, Chipping Sodbury
Up in Sodding Chipbury, Thursday night is the new Friday night, Friday night is the new Saturday night, and Saturday night is now the last Wednesday. Whether or not it retains its “all right for fighting” status has not been made clear. Still, it’s always a good laugh, and I’ve got the following day off work. Does anybody fancy driving me up there???

Square on

* Legal notice: Whilst coming up to join the band onstage to sing at gigs is an invitation we are happy to extend to young, attractive and talented individuals, please note that this is not a privilege automatically extended to middle-aged, drunk and talentless bozos with a voice like a buffalo giving birth.

This is at least one reason why I am not allowed near microphones…

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