07-11-2023 – Amplifier Invalvement

Hello chums!

As I write this (the morning of November 5th) it’s too early to say whether somebody decided to commemorate Guy Fawkes’ Night in a “proper” historically accurate fashion – still, fingers crossed, eh?

Well, onto more pressing local matters…

Friday’s jaunt to the Air Balloon in Filton went off without too many hitches, despite both Stuart and my amp being rather poorly. Stuart has developed (one might say, developed almost to perfection) a heavy cold, but despite having almost no voice and looking really wiped out, he managed to bravely soldier on all the way through the gig; in deference to his condition, we restricted ourselves to just the one encore.

Hopefully, he’ll be sensible and take it easy for the next few days. He’s never done anything sensible before, but hey, you never know…

My amp was also not feeling too well – despite sounding as fine as ever, it was way down on power – I had to turn it far higher than usual to keep up with the rest of the band. Still, it made it to the end of the night without catastrophic failure, and a surgery session the following morning revealed the cause – several of the power valves had failed. With uncharacteristic foresight, I had a spare set, and am delighted – and rather excited – to report that the beast appears to be back on full song. The downside to this is that I had to research the cost of a new set of valves; I am now substantially less delighted and excited…

Nonetheless, you can hear the primordial might of this newly restored amplification behemoth this weekend, if the fancy takes you:-

Saturday 11th – The King William IV, Staple Hill

The dear ol’ King Billy, it’s a wee bit cramped for setting up in, but once installed, it’s very lively and they do like a bit of drunken fun there. After all, who doesn’t…?

Square on

PS – still looking for musicians to join my psychedelic prog project The Chainsaw Daffodil Experiment. I should point out that I have few details of the intended artistic direction; indeed, I have nothing beyond the name. But that’s enough to be going on with, surely?

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