03-07-2023 – Too Shouty At The Festival

Top o’ the mornin’ to ye!

We hope you enjoyed the weekend just as much as we did.

…But not more than us, ‘cause that would somehow feel unjust. Why should you lot be having all the fun, eh…?

Anyway, you’d have to be going some to out-fun us – Saturday’s jaunt to The Market Tavern in Glasters was an absolute hoot. On arrival, I was especially pleased by the strapping young barmaid who insisted on helping me lug the kit in from the van; “there’s three more of ‘em behind the bar anyway, so I’m not doing much else just now”.

What a nice young lady. I’m now thinking of engaging a permanent road crew to assist me in all walks of life. I can see the ad now, “General assistant and road crew required for ageing deluded guitarist. Attractive young ladies preferred. Ability to correctly coil microphone cables essential”. 

<< Long-time readers of this nonsense may recall that Ben and I long since realised that the ability to coil cables is perhaps the most single alluring quality a woman* can possess>>.

*Or man, I suppose, if that works for you. But, personally, I can’t see myself scouring YouTube searching for videos of blokes winding up mic cables…

Anyhoo – after a few weeks off, it was nice to see the gang again and to find we can still manage to get a room going – by the end of the evening, the place was full of merry funsters leaping about happily, if not entirely rhythmically. We had to call a halt after just one encore though, as Abby’s voice (following a sustained period of festival debauchery) had pretty much run out by the end of the night, lending a rather fetching Bonnie-Tyleresque huskiness to the last few tunes.

So – now, she’s been instructed not to even speak until next Friday, when we shall be exercising her marvellous vocal cords again…

Friday 7th July – The King Billy, Staple Hill
Really looking forward to this one, Bassist Steve will be away on holiday, but my dear friend and fellow buffoon Ben has kindly agreed to rejoin us for one night only. Which means you can expect all kinds of tomfoolery, and perhaps he’ll even sing lead on a few numbers for us – which would mean I get to indulge in all kinds of sub-Hendrixy guitar wankery. Can’t wait…

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