17-07-2023 – For One Night Only

Aye up!

It was a couple of weeks ago, but I fondly remember our recent outing to the King Billy in Staple Hill – which I am seriously considering adding to our list of favourite Bristol venues.

With regular bass maestro Steve away on something he called a “holiday” – I really must look that up sometime – we were looking forward to having our low end covered by previous incumbent Ben; and to our mutual surprise and delight, he remembered the entire set without a hitch – all the while merrily being a daft bugger.

Another big help was the presence of a gaggle of what Abby described as “my maddest friends – not the regular mad ones, these are proper lunatics”. And how right she was, with much enthusiastic dancing about and screaming and tomfoolery. I really could get used to this.

Anyways – coming up this weekend, with Steve back in the saddle, and probably looking unusually tanned and handsome, we’re back out again, not once, but twice! These days, that pretty much constitutes a UK tour…

Saturday 22nd July – Bailey’s Court Inn, Bradley Stoke
It was nice and local for me, we were booked in to play here in early June, but it got shifted. I’d like to think when we arrive that there’ll be some punters who’ve been waiting patiently for us since then…

Sunday 23rd July – The Crown, Staple Hill
A 6:30 start, and a nice easy-going early Sunday evening session in the dear ol’ Crown. What’s not to like?

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