Glastonbury Festival

26-06-2023 – Glastonbury, Not Far From Worthy Farm

‘Sup dawgs

After a couple of weeks off, you’ll doubtless be excited to hear that we’re back out gigging. In fact, it’s a rather special gig coming up this week – thanks no doubt to a special personal request from Michael Eavis – we’ve been asked to play… <<cue drum roll>> ….Glastonbury!

Yes, really. It’s true. Now, whilst the majority of the mainstream event for the great unwashed public was of course held this weekend just gone, we’ve been told that this is an intimate event, organised exclusively by and for the cognoscenti, at the secretive “Other Other Stage”.

We have been granted special permission to let you know the exact time and location, but you’ll have to promise not to tell anybody else – otherwise Elton John will be getting jealous he wasn’t asked to play this one, and had to put up with the crappy Pyramid Stage instead…

Friday 30th June, 8:30 pm – The Market Tavern, Magdalene Street, Glastonbury
Well, it’ll be an adventure. This could be the opportunity to wheel out our marvellous and never-before-seen trippy psychedelic light show – guaranteed, as they say, to blow your mind. Without giving away too many technical secrets, I can reveal that it essentially consists of a box containing a hamster, a light bulb, and some coloured lenses. Also, I’m wondering if there will be any still-intoxicated festival-goers, yet to navigate their way out of the area, who might be persuaded to invest in some small packets of dried parsley. Well, you never know…

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