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04-02-2020 – Another Change

Hey y’all

We’ll start this week with a very sad announcement – unfortunately our beloved Em told us this week she’s going to have to reluctantly give up playing the rawk’n’roll game with us – combination of family responsibilities and her job, having gone up another gear means that she simply can’t manage to keep up the gigging schedule.

All four of us are terribly sad about this, but there isn’t really any way around it – obviously we’ll be keeping in close touch, cause we loves her, yes we does, and she won’t be disappearing immediately – she’ll be sticking around for as long as she can, hopefully until we can find someone to try and fill her mighty sparkly boots.

So if you do happen to know of any suitable candidates, please do drop us a line.

In the meantime – business as usual, for now.

Saturday’s jaunt to the Blue Lagoon went exactly as expected, only more so – some lovely chums to catch up with, even more drunk students dancing incompetently – I counted 5 glasses dropped and smashed on the floor within ten minutes of walking in – and even more drinks thrown all over the monitors and my pedals than expected.

Still, at least they were a lively bunch, and once we’d finished and loaded all the kit out, we hid outside to escape from the painful disco blaring distortedly out of the house speaker system – I mean, I’m not averse to a bit of loud myself, but even I had to resort to earplugs to stifle the din. That said, it was actually quite entertaining to watch the first years trying to look as though they were having the most wonderful time of their lives ever, for the benefit of any selfies that might be being taken. As Em pointed out, “It’s like they’ve seen people having a great time clubbing on TV, and they’re trying to copy the actions, but you can see really they’re just a bit baffled and desperately trying not to do it wrong…”

There’ll be no such shenanigans next weekend…

Saturday 8th – The Huntsman, Downend
A very civilised venue, this one – why they book unwashed oiks like us to come and make a loud noise is something of a mystery; but they seem happy enough with it, and so are we…

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