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04-02-2020 – Another Change

Hey y’all

We’ll start this week with a very sad announcement – unfortunately our beloved Em told us this week she’s going to have to reluctantly give up playing the rawk’n’roll game with us – combination of family responsibilities and her job, having gone up another gear means that she simply can’t manage to keep up the gigging schedule.

All four of us are terribly sad about this, but there isn’t really any way around it – obviously we’ll be keeping in close touch, cause we loves her, yes we does, and she won’t be disappearing immediately – she’ll be sticking around for as long as she can, hopefully until we can find someone to try and fill her mighty sparkly boots. READ MORE

27-01-2020 – The Little Voices

‘Sup dawgs

…as we 1990s rappers say.

Well, a weekend with no gigs, how on earth did your favourite renegade musos pass the time, I hear you ask.

(Note that I recognise you may indeed not have asked that at all; nonetheless I did hear it. The Voices are becoming oddly specific these days; there was a time when they would simply whisper “Kill, kill, kill them all”. Nowadays their outpourings are becoming more varied – just the other day I was treated to a fascinating hour-long podcast on the philosophical treatises of Baudelaire, punctuated only occasionally by exhortations to smear my body with custard and run naked down Bedminster High Street*). READ MORE