The Little Voices

27-01-2020 – The Little Voices

‘Sup dawgs

…as we 1990s rappers say.

Well, a weekend with no gigs, how on earth did your favourite renegade musos pass the time, I hear you ask.

(Note that I recognise you may indeed not have asked that at all; nonetheless I did hear it. The Voices are becoming oddly specific these days; there was a time when they would simply whisper “Kill, kill, kill them all”. Nowadays their outpourings are becoming more varied – just the other day I was treated to a fascinating hour-long podcast on the philosophical treatises of Baudelaire, punctuated only occasionally by exhortations to smear my body with custard and run naked down Bedminster High Street*).

*I didn’t do it, of course. I’m not weird or anything.

Anyway – to answer the question which you may (or may not) have asked… Not much.

I, for one, without the healing magical powers of Rock, was feeling unaccountably wiped out, and spent most the weekend skulking at home.

Happily feeling somewhat chirpier now and rather looking forward to a bouncy outing on Saturday…

Saturday 1st Feb – Blue Lagoon, Gloucester Road
It’s never dull at the Glue Baboon – usually a few chums in somewhere, always a horde of excitable student types splattering lager everywhere and then falling over, and – my particular favourite – a chance to wind the amp up a little more than usual and give it a proper bit of stick. Oh, and they quite often pay us, too.

…And, that, my friends, at least for now… is that.

Square on

Have you seen the price of custard these days?

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