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06-01-2020 – Health Y’all


Well, enormous apologies to anybody who came out to see us last week – we weren’t there, due to a particularly nasty medical complaint contracted by one of our number. Much as we hate having to cancel gigs, in this instance it really was for the better, there are some things that no audience should have to witness…

I shan’t say who our victim was – if you like, you can have a guess – after all, there’s only four of us to choose from (you can summarily discount our Chief Financial Officer, who is (a) not really needed at gigs, and indeed very rarely attends them, and (b) a cat).

The good news is that we are expecting to be back up to full fighting strength by this weekend, which is just well…

Friday 17th – Railway Tavern, Fishponds
One of a select number of venues that we think of as “home”, where we always have a jolly evening in the company of like-minded buffoons. Play your cards right, and you could be one of them…

Saturday 18th – The Cross Inn, Caldicot
Now that we can cross over into Welsh Wales without having to remortgage the van, we’re getting quite fond of playing the odd gig West of the Severn. They likes a laugh, see. We’ve not played this particular one before, which means we can wheel out all of our ancient recycled jokes without too much eyeball-rolling, probably. Or maybe they’ll just lynch us and hang us from the nearest tree. Always good to have a little excitement in your life…

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