07-10-2019 – Well Carry On Then

Hola amigos!

Big apologies to anybody who tried to come out to see us at the Giant Goram on Friday – we weren’t there!

To be fair, our Emma was a poorly little chicken indeed, having barely survived Thursday’s trip to the Royal Oak – she did message earlier in the day to say she was feeling terrible, but we were still not quite prepared for the sorry sight that shambled in just before gig time. Oh dearie me, she was not a happy little singer.

Still, bless her, she managed to just about make it through the night – and it did give us an excuse to trot out a couple of extra numbers with Ben on lead vocals, to give her a few minutes recovery time.

I did offer to sing as well, but for some reason this generous offer was refused.

I really can’t imagine why; presumably they didn’t think they’d compare very favourably.

So – Emma has been sent to bed, and I have been told not to be so silly.

Coming up this weekend, assuming that nobody actually dies in the interim…

Friday 11th – Royal Oak, Marlborough
Another Royal Oak, but this one is rather further away… It’s been fairly lively on our last few visits; as I recall, last time there was a stag party there, from Brighton. Quite why they’d decided to sample Marlborough’s night-life for a farout and funky time remains a mystery – still, at least they didn’t pick Swindon, I suppose…

Saturday 12th – Bailey’s Court Inn, Bradley Stoke
A slightly odd pub to put a rock band in, but then again, we’re a slightly odd rock band. Seems to work quite well in here, though once the rubber chickens come out.

And – with that rather truncated missive – we shall leave you in peace for this week. Do try and keep your germs to yourselves, won’t you…

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