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10-06-2019 – Hugs


Well, there weren’t that many punters in at the Dolphin on Saturday, but those that were provided good value entertainment – starting before we’d even managed to play a note.

Just before we started, as I was returning to the stage from what we musical professionals refer to as a “tactical leak”, and Stuart was sitting head in hands waiting for the rest of us to come back, I heard on of the nice cheeky ladies at the bar ask him,

“Are you all right, love? Do you want a hug?”

“Eh? What? Pardon?”

“Do you want a hug? Only you look really sad, there. I work in Southmead hospital, I know how depressed elderly people can get. Do you need a hug?”

I am folded up with suppressed laughter.

“No, I’m fine, really” replies a puzzled Stuart.

“Are you sure? Only I don’t want a suicide on my conscience or anything. Are you sure don’t want a hug?”.

By now Emma has joined me, and we are both turning purple with suppressed giggles.

“Honestly, I’m fine” says Stuart, “…But I will have a hug anyway…”

And he scuttles across for a quick cuddle. Naturally, Emma is too discreet to do anything so coarse as to take a photo at this point.

Hug 1

Later on, when challenged, Stuart tries to claim that this was all just a cunning tactic on his part to get a bit of cheeky lady cuddle action.

We remain unconvinced, and later on Ben and I had to show him the proper rock’n’roll way to go about picking up chicks…

Hug 2

Half way through the second set, despite having a large pub to be dancing about in, one of our new friends manages to somehow knock over both a PA speaker and the lighting rig – no mean feat. Ben manages to heroically catch both mid-song, but eventually we have to stop the number in its tracks so we can rebuild everything, and then continue from the point we left off.

All in all, we had a rather enjoyable evening, especially since both a friendly customer and the bar staff both insisted on buying us all a drink.

Oh, go on, then…

Coming up – a weekend off! Em’s busy, and I’m off to London to visit my dear ol’ mum.

I’m afraid we’ll have to leave you lot to your own devices. My devices are currently in for repairs…

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One thought on “10-06-2019 – Hugs”

  1. Great story!
    Deserves hugs all round! Personally, I find Stuart quite huggable
    but I may be biased.
    Back in Vancouver now after roaming around Rome.
    Thanks to all for the terrific evening of music.

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