Hay fever

28-05-2019 – Hay Fever!


And a warm welcome to this week’s little episode of rawk’n’roll strangeness.

I’ll keep this one fairly short, as it’s too nice a day to be sat inside banging away on a keyboard for the dubious benefit of you lot…

Friday night at the lovely Railway Tav in Fishponds, and a huge fun gig, enlivened by the presence of Stuart’s lovely sister, who had come all the way over from Canada, for the sole purpose of seeing us*. It was also enlivened by lots of punters jigging merrily around all night, and I personally was particularly pleased by the nice ladies who were queuing up afterwards to buy us all a beer. I like it when that happens.

Take note, people.

We’d been rather looking forward to the Golden Fleece in Bath on Saturday, but it turned out to be a little quieter than usual – nonetheless, we were pleased to see our favourite table of cheeky pensioners again – they all sit right at the front, sing and jiggle along, and good-naturedly harass us between songs. And every now and then, Glamorous Margaret (this may not be her real name) gets up, toddles off to the bar to collect another half of Guinness, and then sits back down to carry on singing along. We like that.

As the night wore on, the place filled up some more, and we eventually got them all going as usual, despite Ben suffering from a mammoth attack of hayfever (and you thought they’d died out), which meant we had a skip a few favourites from the set, just in case he sneezed himself to death.

Happily we made it to the end of the night without any breathing failures, and so we should be good to go for another crack at this “being loud” thing next week…

Friday 31st May – Air Balloon, Filton
Nice and local for me, and – once we’ve managed to squeeze everything in – rather good fun. Ben may possibly opt to play wearing a full NBC suit, whilst his helpful fans fill the car park, waving placards bearing mottos such as, “Go away, nasty pollen”.

I do wonder, though – and this is from someone who also suffers from it (although not to quite the same catastrophic degree as poor Ben) – speaking from an evolutionary perspective, how does being allergic to nature actually help anyone?

Answers on a postcard, please, to

Customer Complaints Department
British Leyland Automotive
Selly Oak,

Square on

*This may not be true.

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