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14-05-2019 – Goth Colouring Book

Ahoy there shipmates!

A whole weekend off, which turned out to be no bad thing in some ways, as last week was – well, a bit of a bugger, really, for some of us.

On the other hand, most weeks turn out to be a bit of a bugger, one way or another, and there really is nothing more therapeutic that jumping around making a bloody loud noise. I heartily recommend it, I’m sure it’s much more effective at relieving stress than the “meditative colouring books” I recently noticed for sale. I can’t help feeling that if your troubles can be resolved by sitting down for an hour with a pack of felt tips, you probably don’t have enough troubles.

Although I was quite impressed to see a “Goth colouring book”; featuring lots of outline drawings of Robert Smith, and a single black crayon.

Anyway, this rambling is getting us nowhere – what you’re all keen to hear is where we’ll be playing next, isn’t it?

Isn’t it?

Well, even if you’re not, here it comes…

Friday 17th – Giant Goram, Lawrence Weston
We rather like it here, I think it’s fair to describe this venue as “unpretentious”. But they likes a laugh, so they does.

Saturday 18th – Albion House Club, Cheltenham
A rather more posh location, where we take great delight in lowering the tone, but they still seem to tolerate us. In a kind of harmless freak show way, I think. As long as we remember to leave the smoke machine at home – although last time they were very good-natured about standing around outside for half an hour until the alarms had stopped going off…

And that’s it for this week. I leave you with some interesting nature facts, about Africa’s deadliest large animal.

The hippopotamus can swim faster in water than most humans can.

In open ground, it can also run faster on land than most humans can.

So, in a triathlon, the cycling stage really is your best bet.

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