Keeping Score

04-04-2016 – Keeping Score


Well after a week away, I was hoping to return refreshed and bright eyed, but unsurprisingly ended up returning knackered and bleary-eyed instead.

Anyway – after a week off, it was back on Friday for a night at the Parson’s Nose in Melksham; whilst waiting to play after setting up, we found a “Giant Alphabet Floor Puzzle – Ages 2 to 5”. Ben and I immediately pounced on it, and set about completing it as fast as possible. It’s harder than you might think – although to be honest, Ben was holding me back a little…

“Why have you put that N there?”, he demands.
“Because it’s not an N, it’s a Z”.
“No, it’s definitely an N”.
I point out the stripy horse illustration on the jigsaw. “What, as in ‘N for Nebra’?”
“…Well, it looks like an N from this angle”, he grumbles…

He was not alone though, judging by the dyslexic poster we spotted later on..

Spelling tut

Having found a darts scoreboard and a box of chalks, I decide we should keep score for the night to see who has forgotten the most from the set list. As you’ll see, it was close run thing, but in the end the winner’s laurels go to our very own Mr Stiffy (and he was hoping we’d forgotten about that name…) [editor’s note: it was rigged by a corrupt bureaucracy]

Keeping Score

Saturday, and down to Marlborough to the Green Dragon, where after a pretty empty start, we play to a packed pub, including our lovely drummer chum Sarina, of Swindon rockers Broken Image; as Stuart has by now broken two more drumsticks – “He thinks he’s Keith Bloody Moon” – we wheel her up to play for some AC/DC and Led Zep fun, before knocking off a couple more rocky ones and it’s time to stop.

Coming up this week –

Friday 8th – Cider Press, Bishopston, Bristol
Not played this one before, but rather looking forward to it – at least if we can keep Ben’s head out of the cider machinery for long enough…

Saturday 9th – Black Horse, Devizes
It’s been a long time since we played down this neck of the woods, so hopefully they won’t have heard our stock of jokes before. For this gig, they asked for extra posters to be sent a few weeks early, because “they want to put them up in the local barber shop, take-aways, etc”. So I’m hoping at least for an audience with nice neat hair and curry stains down their shirts…

Square on

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