01-09-2014 – No Ram

Yo homeys!

Just a quickie this week; no change there then.

Firstly, apologies to anybody who came along to see us on Friday at the Ram on Park Street; we weren’t there. Due to a pub management change-related booking cockup hilarity, they had no idea we were coming; until mid-afternoon, when somebody phoned them to ask what time the band was starting tonight.

“Band…? Tonight…?”

So, the pub called us, explained they actually didn’t need us that night, but rather kindly said they’d sort something out and promised to book us in again some other time.

We could go for not being paid not to play. In fact, maybe we should make a career out of it. How much do you think we should charge for not playing the 02 arena? Quite a tidy sum, I imagine. Particularly if we don’t play it with a spectacular stage show, with fireworks, lasers, and lions, and tigers, and…

So, we still haven’t played in Bristol for ages; however, this Saturday we can have another crack at fixing that…

Saturday 6th – The Portcullis, Fishponds
The one on the High Street, opposite Morrisons. You know. Assuming the pub is still there, we’ll be there too. We may even have fireworks and lasers and lions and tigers…

In the meantime – does anybody know what you’re meant to feed lions and tigers on? Do they choke on chicken bones, like those annoying little yappy dogs are supposed to? Only my local shops doesn’t seem to stock antelope, and I’m going to run out of children soon…

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