18-08-2015 – Biscuit

Good morning campers!

A relatively uneventful weekend, only one gig, and that was half acoustic, so it doesn’t completely count, to my mind – even though (as usual) I managed to win the regular “Who’s going to make the most cock-ups” contest that Lily and I regularly have; I spent most of the rest of the weekend up Londonwards, making a rare trip to see me dear old mum, and continue the sequential process of moving the contents of the local B & Q into her house…

The rest of the time was spent groaning at the entries you lot sent in for last week’s “bakery-themed rock song” contest.

I shall refrain from naming and shaming the guilty parties, but to those responsible for the following suggestions – well, you know who you are….

  • the NWOBHM classic from Saxon… “Wagon Wheels Of Steel”
  • AC/DC’s “Let There Be Rock…Cake” (and presumably, their alternative offering “It’s A Long Way To Shop If You Want A Sausage Roll”)
  • “Wholemeal Lotta Love” (performed by, I imagine, Bread Zeppelin)
  • Bowie’s pre-Ziggy era single “Life On Marzipan”

…and, my own personal favourite – Metallica’s doom-laden ballad “Muffin Else Matters”.

And that, I think, lads, is enough of that…

This weekend, Our Stooie is off to sunny Canadia on hols, so the only giggery going on is another one from the young Lilster…

Sat 22nd – Lily B at the Tap & Barrel, Swindon
There’s at least 2 pubs in Swindon called the Tap & Barrel. This is one of them. It’s a half eight start, so if you go to the wrong one “by mistake”, by the time you get to the right one, it could be all over. Just sayin’. We don’t care, we get paid anyway…

Hokay, thassit for this week, except to say…

…Another One Bites The Crust

Square on

PS – “Smoke On The Wafer” made me chuckle, too…

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