03-04-2024 – Bonny Dream

Hey gang

We hope you all had a fantastic long weekend, and that the Easter Bunny brought you all your heart’s fondest desires.

In my case, I woke up eagerly on Easter morning, excitedly pulled the curtain aside to peer onto the drive, and – sure enough – there, gleaming in the early morning sunshine, was the unmistakable shape of a 1976 T140 export model Triumph Bonneville, resplendent in all-black custom paint scheme, the reflections from the shining chrome wheel rims almost dazzling me. I gazed in wonder at the slender graceful curves of the fuel tank, the elegant upswept chromed exhaust pipes, and the stentorian functionality of the twin Amal Mark II carburettors, feeding into the inlet ports of the cooling fin-bedecked cylinder head.

And then, I woke up.

Still, on reflection, I suppose it’s just as well not all our dreams come true – especially the ones featuring man-eating cabbages, and certainly the one about the gang of tiny two-inch tall clowns who live under your bed, plotting your grisly end*…

Anyway – onto cheerier matters. After a few weeks out of action, we’re delighted to report that the mighty AUF rawk machine is wheeling back into action again: –

Saturday 6th April – The Old Mill, Portishead
It’s been a while since we were down here, but it’s never failed to disappoint. No, wait – does that mean what I meant it to, or the opposite? I think it’s actually the opposite…

Anyway – what I meant was, we always have fun here, a good crowd and if we’re lucky a guest singer or two as well. Hope to see some of ya there!

Square on

*I don’t know what they find so objectionable about your grisly end. I really can’t comment; in most of your cases, I’ve never even seen it….

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