12-03-2024 – Inflatable Guitar Crisis

Hello folks!

Well, this week we have a very entertaining evening to report from the lovely Pack Horse in Stapleton.

As we arrived and started setting up, I was approached by lovely bar manager Angie.

“Ere”, she says, “Did you bring any of them inflatable guitars with you tonight?”

“Er, no, we’ve run out, actually” I tell her.

“What?!” she replies. “Well then, you can bloody well pack up and piss off now…”


“We had a lot of fun with them last time, we did…”

“I suppose we’ll just have to rely on our loveable personalities and musical talent, then”, I tell her.

Her reply was, sadly, not suitable for publication…

Still, we had a very fine evening, and some truly impressively choreographed dancing was going on down at the front. I suspect some of these young ladies have been practising.

There was also much enthusiastic singing along, to the point where Abby just handed the mike over to them and let them get on with it. I’m still wondering if we should dock her pay…

We rolled out a few new tunes, which seemed to go down rather well, and finished off with a spirited encore, by which time the clientel were quite worn out.

We packed up, loaded out, and went to say goodbye to Angie, who gave me a big hug, and

whispered in my ear… “Well, that was a load of shite, wasn’t it?”

I really think she’s warming to us…

Coming up this Friday, a trip out to the country…

Friday 15th – Ring o’Bells, Ashcott

Lovely big country pub down Bridgewater way, run by our beloved and wondrously silly Cara;

this promises to be a hugely fun night. Inflatable guitars won’t be the half of it, I’m sure…

Square on

One thought on “12-03-2024 – Inflatable Guitar Crisis”

  1. Glad it all went well(ish) for you Stu!
    Used to rehearse upstairs at the Pack Horse. Mind you, this is going back some. Probably circa ’82 – ’83? All those moons ago eh!

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