30-05-2023 – Playin Wiv The Duck!

Mornin all!

And we hope you all had as entertaining a weekend as we did! Friday’s gig at the Air Balloon was jolly good fun, and it was especially nice to see various sets of pals from the disparate worlds of both rawk’n’roll and work having a jolly time.

In fact, I was even moved to play one of my favourite bath duck solos – captured here (photo credits where they’re due) by @photography_#1rock_chick…

This is, of course, just one of the two ways known to science to get a duck to play the blues.

(The other, inevitably, is to put him in a microwave until his bill withers…)

It was also fun to meet some new chums; I was especially pleased to meet a very nice lady who politely enquired, “Aren’t you hot in those leather jeans?”

I look down. “Aren’t I just..?”

She turns an appealing shade of red. My work here is done.

Saturday’s jaunt to the Farmhouse in Yate wasn’t quite the same – doubtless due to the sunny bank holiday weekend, everybody was at home having barbeques, apart from the dozen or so unfortunates who had no friends, so were at the pub instead. Still, the landlady liked us, and it gave us a chance to try out some songs which we still (apparently) don’t really know yet. And it’s cheaper than hiring out a rehearsal room…

Coming up this week – another lively one…

Saturday 3rd June – Fire Engine, Redfield
I think this place is best described as “shambolically lively”. Last time it was full of lively folks in advanced states of intoxication – I spent most the gig watching a lady swaying precariously on a stool until finally, to my horror, she just toppled straight over forward and planted her head square on the floor with a loud thud. She was quickly propped back upright by her chums, apparently none the worse for wear. Just in case, however, we’re going to strap cushions on the monitors for this one.

Square on

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