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28-03-2023 – Love Bites

Hey there, cats & kittens!

Dean Martin here – you may remember me from my string of easy listening hits from the fifties and sixties – I’m the one that’s not Frank Sinatra (no-good punk that he was, with his “songs for swinging lovers”…pah!)

Anyway – being dead, I’ve not been able to release any new music for quite a while; but I have instead been devoting my spare time to marine conservation.

And that’s what I’m doing here – sending out a series of fascinating snippets of information to raise everyone’s awareness of the plight of the sea life in our oceans, via a series of weekly emails. This is just the first of a series of sixty-four, containing fun facts for your education and entertainment.

But first, I gotta tell you about my favourite local band in the South West of li’l ol’ England – Angel Up Front, of course. I tell you, those cats are really cool – and the dame that sings with them – not only does she look like a million dollars, but she has a real sweet set of pipes.

I should know – my nephew Zeke installed her central heating.

Anyways – I’ll hand over to them now so you can find out where to catch up with them this weekend – then I’ll be back with my Marine Life Fun Fact!

Saturday 1st April – Bristol City Ground, Ashton Gate

Just to show we’re not at all biased, and treat all local nancyball teams with equal respect and deference – following last week’s successful outing to Rovers, we’re playing an afternoon set down at the City ground. And then we’re packing up and heading all the way over the road to…

Saturday 1st April – Rising Sun, Ashton Gate

And 8:30 start this one; we have a bunch of new songs to road-test, so it promises to be an extremely entertaining evening, albeit possibly for all the wrong reasons…

And now – we’ll hand you back over to Mr Dean Martin, for the first in his series of aquatic fauna-related anecdotes. Prepare to be educated and amazed in equal measure…

Dean Martin’s Marine Life Fun Facts: – #1 in a series of 64
When you’re swimming at sea, and an eel bites your knee
– that’s a moray.

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