14-11-2022 – Retrospective What Happened Rudity

Borag Thungg, earthlets!

In this week’s thrilling instalment, your AUF rock’n’roll heroes find themselves in a local venue that, for some reason, we’d never played before.

The King Billy (we’re on first name terms now), in Staple Hill, turned out to be a large pub on the main drag; easy load-in access, handy parking, and best of all (bless him!) a doorman who insisted on helping us carry all the heavy gear in.

So far, so good! Kind doorman assistance was particularly appreciated by Ben, who, it transpires, has this week knackered his shoulder and put his back out. We know he’s just moved house, so we naturally assume this was the result of some heavy furniture-moving escapade.

Nope! “I was putting a jumper on…” he sheepishly explains.

Far more rock’n’roll is Abby who turns shortly after Ben.

And how is our fair silver-tonsilled songstress this evening?

“Bloody hung over”.

That’s more like it! We’re very proud of her.

The pub fills up, we start playing, and it soon becomes apparent that the customers in here do like a drink. In fact, it seems as though the four of us and the doorman are about the only ones in the building who aren’t hopelessly wankered.

They’re jolly enough though, and Ben and I are rather taken by an impromptu dance move developed by some of the gyrating young ladies, which seems to consist of randomly lifting their tops up and waving their chests around. Less so by one of the gentlemen in the audience, who reacts by lowering his trousers and pants to reveal – well, I have to say I am far from a connoisseur of such things, but really this one wasn’t worth putting on display.

Oh well if he’s happy with it…

We finished up the set, played a swift encore, and set about packing the kit away before any more unscheduled naturism broke out.

Coming up this week – Ooh, a couple of corkers!

Friday 18th – Railway Tavern, Fishponds

Home from home, always good fun and a nice vibe, and usually folks manage to keep their trousers on. And hopefully this time the police won’t shut the road off like last time….

Looks like being a rather jolly weekend…

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