07-11-2022 – Retrospective Pirate Experience

Hola amigos!

Just a r-e-a-l-l-y short missive this week, as I forgot to write one, and I’m currently supposed to be doing something else….

After a peaceful gig-free weekend*, it’s time once again to unleash a raging apocalypse of rock on an unsuspecting audience…

Saturday 12th – The King William IV, Staple Hill

It’s known to its friends as the King Billy, but as we’ve not been here before it seems a trifle presumptive on our part not to use its formal title. It is royalty, after all.

They seem to have bands here on a fairly regular basis though, so at least they should have some idea what to expect…

Square on

*Well, gig-free in that we didn’t play one, But, I did go down to see the jolly fine Blackbeard’s Tea Party perform some of their rousing pirate folk-rock on Saturday, along with my lovely Dem, and old prog band-mate Little Ian.

Dem decided to bail out at half-time, leaving me and Ian to drink our way at full speed through the second set, and settle down in comfort to watch the very best part of any gig – Watching Other People Pack Up All Their Kit. And then Dem came back to drive me home.

Probably a perfect evening…

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