Slipping Jimmys

21-11-2022 – Newport, Newport, So Good …

Top o’ the morning to ye!

Well, I’m happy to report we had riotously good fun at the Railway last Saturday; we had dancing and singing galore (why they were singing “galore” I don’t know, we don’t play it), and – even taking into account the usual “Right, this our last number” lie, several more encores than we intended. In fact, we’d already turned the PA and amps off, when it became clear that the crowd weren’t going to stop requesting another, and we found another song down the back of the sofa, had a quick conflab to work out what key it was in, and rebooted all the kit. Rather to my surprise, we all actually remembered it.

It’s a shame that I’d failed to remember some of the tunes that actually were in the set, but hey ho….

Coming up this week – a journey into the unknown…

Friday 25th – Slipping Jimmy’s, Newport – 8:30 start

Oooh, a new venue for us – and actually we haven’t played anywhere in Newport for many a year. Apparently, Newport town centre has been “done up” since the last time I was there. I used to rather like its unpretentious character, although you did have to be careful what you stepped in. Perhaps it’s all cosmopolitan and swanky now, with vegan hipster sourdough coffee bars selling tiny cans of craft IPA that taste like monkey piss*. Do they even have hipsters in Newport? Back in the day, if they caught one, they’d probably have deep-fried them and eaten them covered in grated cheese. We’ll report back….

Saturday 26th – The Fire Engine, Redfield

A nice friendly little gig this one, not been here for a while either, so hopefully they won’t remember the Lime Jelly Incident* from last time…

Square on

*Don’t ask how I know. I just do.

**Okay, there was no Lime Jelly Incident – I just put that in to make us sound edgy and sophisticated. Did it work?

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