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22-10-2022 – Cyder Dysfunction

Well, hello there!

Apologies for this missive being rather short – basically, I forgot to write it and only just remembered last minute.

So here is the briefest of bulletin reports on the latest gig-going activities…

Last Thursday at the Royal Oak started a little quieter than the previous time, but, as usual, it livened up towards the end. And, as ever, we try not to let anything stand in the way of us having a good time. Particularly Abby, who, having managed to inveigle a lift there and back from Stuart, was free from the limitations of those pesky drink-driving laws, and rewarded herself with a particularly potent pint of cider on arrival.

Naturally, keen to help, we’d managed to persuade a few more down her throat by the end of the night, leaving her in at least a moderate state of relaxation.

After the set, we pack up, get paid, and distribute the cash accordingly. I remind her that she still owes me for the last few rehearsal studio bookings.

“Oh, sorry, I’d forgotten”, she apologizes, waving her newly acquired fistful of tenners at me. ”Just take it out of this”.

After a brief mental calculation, I extract the necessary amount and return the change – a single, sole, ten-pound note.

She looks utterly crestfallen; we can see on her face the disappointment, having given up her evening, come all the way out here, helped hump all the kit in and out, sung her little heart out for over two hours… all for a tenner.

“Look on the bright side”, I say, “At least you’re quite pissed now”.

Her lovely face brightens, like the sun rising over a morning mist across the meadows.

“That’sh a very good point, ackshewerly”, she beams, as Stuart leads her gently by the elbow back to the car.

Coming up this week – looking good for another slam-dunk fun gig

Friday 28th October – Cat & Wheel, Gloucester Rd, Bristol

Always a hoot in here, and it’s nearly Halloween, so there is a pretty good chance of merrily costumed funsters. Who knows, we may even enter into the spirit of things ourselves – although, disappointingly, after previous outings, I have been instructed that my costume this year must as a minimum include trousers of some kind…

Square on

Incidentally, I note that November 5th is nearly upon us. If anybody is considering a trip to Westminster, I’ll happily chip in for at least a couple of cans of petrol and a box of matches…

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