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22-08-2022 – Tosh for Time Travellers

Greetings, Earthlings!

And, after a Welcome BreakTM for everyone, it’s back to the rock’n’roll grindstone, with rather a doozy of a local gig coming up.

We’re expecting to see quite a few old pals coming along to this one, and quite possibly some new ones as well. Best of all, it’s within walking distance for our glamorous chanteuse Abs, which means that she can – and we are proud of her for this choice of terminology – “get proper shitfaced”.

Friday 26th August – Blue Lagoon, Gloucester Road

It’s always lively in here, with jumping about a-plenty – to the extent that sometimes security have to step in and calm people down a bit in the second set before they hurt themselves.

In other news, after over ten years of toiling away at the rock’n’roll coalface, our Ben has decided it’s time to move on – he’s kindly undertaken to carry on playing with us until we can find a suitable replacement. These will be formidable trousers to fill, as any worthwhile candidate will need not only to be (of course) an outstanding bass player, they will also need to handle backing vocals, play the kazoo, ring a bell with confidence, and manage to look good in both a Viking helmet and a fetching Easter bonnet. Oh, and have a very high tolerance for idiot guitar players…

If you happen to know anyone who might fit the bill, please do encourage them to get in touch with us.

…And that’s it for this week – but fear not, there’ll be another instalment soon, when we tell you all about our upcoming Grand World Tour Of Fishponds….

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