Hair Bear Bunch

04-08-2022 – Hair Bear Bunch Twit

Top o’the mornin’ to ye!

Right, this missive will be a brief one, not least because I forgot to write it 2 days ago and only just remembered…

It’s not my fault, my mind has been occupied recently with Higher Things.

Well, in fact, it’s been occupied with trying to remember the names of the Hair Bear Bunch.

(If anyone else is old enough to remember, a kid’s TV series from the seventies, as I recall were cartoon bears who lived in a zoo which they perpetually escaped from and travelled around on an invisible motorcycle). Obviously, I could Google the answer, but then I’d end up following a link and watching an episode or two, and I don’t want to do that as it will probably turn out to be rubbish; I think on balance I prefer to keep the happy nostalgic view of it that I recall. Even if I can’t remember their bloody names. It’s either that or go back to putting LSD in my cornflakes, which, in retrospect, I suspect must have been what our parents were doing at the time.

Anyways – back from the misty-eyed nostalgia of crappy childhood TV shows, and slap bang up to the present day (well, this Saturday, in fact): –

Saturday 6th – The Golden Fleece, Bath

A lovely little pub, very friendly and filled with a mix of sprightly geriatrics and affable local bikers. It’s quite a sight to see an octogenarian couple dancing the Twist at the front, whilst an array of headbangers mosh away at the back wall of the pub. This one may be an 8:30 start, we’re not quite sure. We’ll find out.

…And that’s about it for now – due to holidays and the like, there’s no more giggery until the end of the month. So, if you need a fix of face-melting guitar solos, thunderous drums and soul-shattering bass, etc etc, best get yourself over to Bath….

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