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28-08-2022 – And Just A Bit Late!

Yoho, me hearties!

Arrrr, and it be a fine sunny day here on the good ship Angel Up Front, the gulls be a-wheelin’ over the mizzen mast, there’s a stiff breeze a-blowin’ from the Indies to the Spanish Main, I spies a merchantman clipper on the horizon, laden with booty ripe for a-plunderin’, and….

What’s that? “Come in number seven, your time is up?”

Surely can’t have been half an hour yet, can it?

Actually, I have in fact been on the high seas this week – beloved talented daughter Lily, fresh from her support gig at the Fleece last weekend, chose to splash (see what I did there?) her ill-gotten gains on a paddleboard, and so we spent a merry couple of hours trying it out at the local water park one evening.

It turns out that while she is a natural aquanaut, my talents extend as far as falling in with sickening regularity – usually toppling her into the drink at the same time. She was very good-natured about it though – apart from the one time when I hauled myself back on board, but – much like a herd of thirsty elephants – my trunks stayed in the water…

But enough of this irrelevant tomfoolery, let us tell you about some relevant tomfoolery instead: –

Friday night, and the Blue Lagoon beckons. Ben and I rolled up early and managed to get the backline in place before Stuart arrived with his Chaos Of Drum Cases, making the whole setting-up process a bit easier than usual. So much so, we were ready over half an hour before start time, which gave me a welcome chance to sit and talk nonsense with some of my erstwhile jury duty chums. I was pleased to see they were quite drunk already, it always enhances people’s appreciation of fine musicianship.

Finally, the witching hour arrives, and on we witch. The first set went down gratifyingly well, and by the second set the whole place was leaping about. I was particularly impressed with a pair of teenage girls right at the front, who, clearly having no experience of dancing to a Ramones number, proceeded to just do the Macarena VERY QUICKLY INDEED. I’d like to think someone caught it on camera…

Finally we came to a sweat-soaked halt, and set about putting the toys away, before disappearing like the thieves in the night that we are.

Coming up this week – a World Tour of Fishponds!

Friday 2nd Sept – Railway Tavern, Fishponds
Cracking little pub gig – nice friendly place, and one of our favourites.

Saturday 3rd – Party In The Ponds, Vassal’s Park, Fishponds
Back after a COVID break, Fishponds’ very own community fete / festival / fayre, running from 11am to 7pm, and featuring a number of local bands, including us. I believe we’re playing some time around 1 or 2 o’clock, but honestly can’t remember. It doesn’t really matter – it’s good fun all afternoon, there’s a beer tent, and food stalls a-plenty, and a beer tent. And a beer tent.

So – we hope you have a good week, and hopefully we’ll see some of you soon!

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