30-10-2019 – Nice!

Here it is…

Howdy pardners

Well, that was a rather nice gig at the George in Shirehampton – there appeared to be the threat of a little bit of “bovver” in the air early on, but as the two would-be combatants were both approaching the age of sixty-five – and I’m not sure from which direction – and nobody else in the pub batted an eyelid, it appears that this is a regular occurrence and that nothing ever comes of it.

Otherwise, the rest of the mob in there were rather good fun, and we were rather touched when the landlord (known, apparently as Grumpy Bob) overpaid us at the end of the night because we were the “first band that he’d actually enjoyed”. Awww. Better still – Awww, with money.

Coming up this weekend – a double-header of Bristol gigs.

Friday Nov 1st – The Trident, Downend
A nice bit of room for prancing about in, and that’s good enough for me…

Saturday Nov 2nd – The Trout, Keynsham
As we have noted many times before, they’re a bit messy in here. But then again, so are we, so it all works out right in the end. Even if I do sometimes have to dismantle the monitors in the morning to drain the beer out of them…

In the meantime – if you’ve not previously come across Frog Leap Studios, I commend the following to you as a typical example of their – ahem – art. 

You’re welcome 🙂

Square on

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