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21-10-2019 – The Vague Meanderings Of Mr Gormless

Hello listeners

And a warm welcome to this week’s edition of “Vague Meanderings” here on Radio 4. This week in the studio we have ex-BBC television presenter Mr Jack Hargreaves, who sadly died twelve years ago, and is here to promote his new book “Countryside Ramblings From My Shed”.

But first, we have a letter from a Mrs Trellis of North Wales, who writes to ask us if that nice Mrs Thatcher is still in charge of things…

<<We interrupt this broadcast to bring you an important announcement from the Rock Office>>

Well, Friday’s jaunt to the Blue Lagoon was a very busy affair indeed – probably due to the influx of new students, the place was filled with gyrating young ladies from the moment we started playing. Sadly – and unaccountably – they seemed more interested in taking selfies than in marvelling at our musical virtuosity. Nonetheless, I at least found it a rather cheering sight. Our poor Emma was on her last legs (she normally has a supply of at least half a dozen) after an extremely taxing week at work – but took full advantage of the opportunity to de-stress “by shouting very loudly at strangers through a hefty PA”.

It was also lovely to see some old (and young) chums in, and drinking themselves into a cheery state of disrepair. If only I didn’t have to drive…

Finally we ran out of time and energy more or less simultaneously, so we wished everybody a very good night, and initiated the “pack up and bugger off home” protocol.

Coming up this week – just the one outing…

Saturday 26th – The George, Shirehampton
I’ve set foot in this pub just once before, several years ago, to see my dear friend Becky’s band playing. I remember nothing at all about the place – but I do recall her bassist had a rather fine and quite rare Gibson Les Paul bass. That one piece of retained information will be of little help, I fear.

And now – back to “Vague Meanderings”…

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